We are about to head out on el honeymoon and the task of emptying the refrigerator before a 12 day hiatus is my job today.  So…what can I make with the junk in our dirty fridge?  Bub was lucky enough to have some of his old standby noodle, chicken in a can, cream o’ mushroom soup casserole junk.  🙂  I was even more lucky…I had enough goodness for a delicious quiche! 

 This is a delicious spin-off of my Aunt Sharon’s “real man’s quiche” recipe.  Here is the post quiche photo, along with some delicious green beans with bacon. 

The recipe is posted on the GF Recipe page…if you’re so inclined.  🙂

I enjoyed it for dinner tonight…and will be enjoying for breakfast and lunch tomorrow!

Happy Almost Hump Day!