It’s hour twelve of the honeymoon journey…enroute to Costa Rica for some fun in the sun! It’s 85 degrees warmer at our destination – wowza! What a change! Plus fresh fruits and veggies? And, I’m pretty sure the rum flows out of the tress, like a delicious sap! Gluten free on vacation = raw food and booze diet. Sorry Momma.

We’re enjoying the Houston airport – the people watching provides mucho entertaiment. I almost scored a new man when Mr. Burly took a potty break during our cribbage game. Some older dude set his tray down across the table from me and started eating. I could have said something, but I just smiled and continued reading my book. That lasted another minute until Mr. Burly strutted up doing some sort of rooster dance. If we were dogs, he might’ve peed on me to mark his territory. Hee hee.

Just saw another older gent (why am I talking about the old ones?) with purple – lavender purple pants on. Definitely European. Speaking of European, I am carrying Mr. Burly’s european carryall (courtesy of BG momma) – it’s pretty pimp. And it does carry all – books, crib board, water bottle and snacks for grumpy boys and girls. It’s right up there with a Mary Poppins bag. Stop.

I stop at talk of musicals – sorry girls – spoonfuls of sugar and yodelling do not make my day… The girls who love them make my day!

Okay, enough rambling…did I hear a niner I there? I will check in with BG challenge updates soon. Speaking of – Jeriatric has decided to challenge with me – sweet!! I am hoping I can take Miss tae kwon ho!

Happy Friday!!